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your social media presence should work for you.

It’s no longer enough to just post whatever on social media and hope for the best – that stuff leads to burnout. So let’s dive deep into your work’s heart, defining your unique content pillars, personality, and storytelling strategy. Why? Because the important work you do needs to be found by those who need it the most!

Content Strategy That Feels Right

If your content strategy has been more about guesswork, I’ve got you. I know what it’s like to wake up in the morning, scrambling to post something—anything—on LinkedIn or Instagram, only to wonder if it even matters. Let’s collaborate and map out your content’s heart and soul, finding those key stories and themes that make you, well, you. We’ll create a content playbook that’s not just a guide but a reflection of your core values. Think of this process as turning your social media from a wild guess game into a grounded conversation.

the co-creation process

Here's How You'll Get Results


Connect using the form on this website. After which I’ll get back to you either to schedule a no-obligation clarity call (video or audio) where I’ll learn about your story, ideal clients, needs and goals. etc 


I’ll then move into the content auditing process – website, social depending on the scope our working relationship. I leave no stone unturned – I go deep and look at things like SEO to asses your overall digital presence. Once done, I’ll schedule the next step.


Whether you’re doing the 75 min strategy mapping session or the social strategy overhaul, I’ll report back findings + recommendations. You’ll leave with a solid plan of how to approach content creation, publishing and destribution confidently.


75 min

Social Media Strategy Mapping

Available as a one-time service, this is for you if you have no idea where to start when it comes to your social media, but you’d like to dip your toes in. Ideal for if it’s our first time working together or you just need that pointing in the right direction then you’ll DIY !


3 months

Social Strategy Overhaul

You’ve tried most tips and tricks in the market – but you constantly find yourself changing content pillars, buying templates, courses but not really getting anywhere in terms of your content ROI. You may even get good engagement when you do post, but you’d like to create consistently & create a content system that honors your business & life rhythm. 

Exactly what we needed!

Fify brings a deeply strategic lens, a human-focused approach, and a fun vibe to every creative process. She honed her approach to meet the exact needs that we had. I would highly recommend her services!
– Mark, Crewjoy

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Hey, I'm Fify Loewen. I'm passionate about content & how people doing good work can tell great stories on social platforms.

My journalism background taught me the power of a good story. Now, my goal is to help you tell yours effectively and consistently. I believe that behind every brand, there’s a unique story that connects with people on a personal level. 

I’ve been in the online space for 12+ years as an entrepreneur, photographer & content strategist. I’ve also worked in various organizations in content marketing and communications roles where I’ve applied my understanding of how to convey messages effectively and creatively, among other skills.

I’m all about genuine connection, not just strategies that sound good on paper. With a knack for uncovering the stories that matter and bringing them to life, I promise to not only improve your content but to transform how you connect with your audience.

Let’s get personal and make your content something your audience looks forward to.

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Feeling overwhelmed by content creation is more common than you think, and it’s okay to ask for help. If you’ve been nodding along thinking, “That’s me,” why not get in touch? Let’s chat!

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